CHTV to air long show


Anchor and senior Morgan Mace begins recording a video with senior Kayden Lyons. The video was a collection of student interviews on their favorite halloween traditions.

Christian Ledbetter

        CHTV has begun work on a long-format show. According to CHTV supervisor Brandy Ostojic, long-format shows are themed pre-recorded shows that will feature longer videos and events. The October long-format show will air on the last gold day of the month with a halloween theme. “It should look a little bit different from our daily announcements just like how it’s shot. I’m leaving it all up to them so it’ll be a big surprise as to what it looks like,” Ostojic said.

        Ostojic added that she’s happy with the updates to sports that occurred in the past two years. “We’re still learning, but two years ago we couldn’t even get a sports broadcast on the air so the fact that they’re doing so much now, we have graphics, we have announcements, we have field reporters. It’s really cool to see.”

        Ryan Conley, sports anchor and junior agreed that there had been changes in how sports were covered this year as opposed to last year. He said more work is done to ensure that sports coverage is more produced. “You have Jacob (Wiener) who’s our graphics guy, normally we would make graphics at the game but now Jacob has been looking up stats and everything just to make good graphics. We’ve also been doing rundowns as well which are scripts for us to read off of for the pregame and post-game stuff.” By Christian Ledbetter

CHTV YouTube channel can be found HERE