Champions Together (CT) to host its upcoming fundraising event, Mr. Carmel

Champions Together (CT) continues to prepare its fundraising event, Mr. Carmel with the purpose of raising awareness for the Special Olympics. Mr. Carmel will be held on March 10 in the auditorium.

According to Eva Glazier, CT co-president and senior, practices occur at every SRT to finalize the group dance and work on the candidate’s individual performances. She said it’s to help the boys stay on track and practice their dance and talents.

Glazier said, “I think the boys are getting excited— it’s a lot of work, but I think the dance is coming together; it’s due today.”

Sophia Symanski, CT co-president and senior, said preparation looks quite different from last year. 

“This year we’re able to have it in the auditorium because last year we had it in the varsity gym,” Symanski said. “So, now it’s getting the teachers involved and the tech people who help out tremendously with the whole production.” 

CT sponsor Joe Stuelpe said he defers all decisions to the leadership team. By Asini Jayarapu