Green Action Club to meet, celebrate accomplishments, consider volunteer opportunities on April 18

Ryan Zhang

The Green Action Club (GAC) will meet for the last time of this school year on April 18 in the freshman large group instruction (LGI) room located at Room H121. At this meeting, members plan to celebrate and continue striving for advocacy opportunities.

According to Ella Lipnik, GAC co-leader and junior, club members will highlight this year’s accomplishments at this meeting.

“We’re hoping to have a little feast, so definitely bring your friends,” she said. “It can be a celebration.”

Lipnik said at this meeting, members will look at upcoming volunteer opportunities at Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation in light of Earth Day and Arbor Day.

“Even though we’re not going to be having any more meetings after next Tuesday, we’re still planning on having volunteer opportunities,” she said. “So if you just want to reach out (and participate in volunteering), our Club presidents are very involved in doing community outreach events over the summer.”

Lipnik said the meeting will also serve as an opportunity to educate students regarding the importance of composting. She said club members have been in contact with Wellness Department Chair Ryan Osborn to discuss teaching composting in other curriculums.

“It’d be super exciting because testing is a way for students to memorize information and we really want to get composting spread to households in Carmel,” she said.

GAC sponsor Carey Anderson said club members are also discussing how to clean out CHS’s lockers at the end of the school year. She said although this is the club’s final meeting, they still have a number of plans including finding new leaders.

“I’m going to have new leadership meet me at the beginning of May for the following school year,” she said. “The other group says, ‘goodbye,’ and then I get the new leaders.”