Maintenance of Murray: Users, maintenance workers of Murray Stadium discuss importance of maintaining field

The fields in Murray Stadium are used year-round my multiple different sports. Maintenance worker Fred Napier said  most people do not expect the time needed to maintain the field.

Satvik Kandru

May 23, 2019

As fans of both the  lacrosse and soccer teams line up in the bleachers, the glowing lights of the Murray Stadium reflect on the painted white lines that run across the field. For an average student, this might not mean much, but for maintenance worker Fred Napier these white lines are a part of a ted...

Maintenance staff brings out lawn mowers in preparation for summer

Maintenance worker Fred Napier checks the pH level of the swimming pool. Throughout the school year Napier had to check the swimming pool every morning, one of several tasks he has to do throughout the school every single day.

May 13, 2018

The maintenance staff has several tasks they need to accomplish in preparation for the end of the school year and the start of the summer holiday. One of the things they are doing is bringing lawnmowers from the school down to the soccer and football stadium. “We need to keep the different sports...

Maintenance staff to clean chillers for use

Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt takes the top off of a boiler plug. Wyatt does this in order to clean the inside of the plug for inspection. He also has to clean the chillers to prepare them for use.

March 22, 2018

The maintenance staff is working on cleaning the school’s chillers in order to make sure they are in working condition for the coming warmer season. “Water runs through the chillers on its way up to the cooling tower on the roof," maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt said. "Because (the chillers) haven’t...

Cold weather brings additional challenges for the custodial staff

January 16, 2018

The onslaught of freezing temperatures and snow has provided new hurdles for the custodial staff to cross in order to keep our school in prime condition. Many of these hurdles involve maintaining steady conditions in the school. “We are watching the building to make sure we don’t lose power or h...

Maintenance department to prepare for spring sports


March 13, 2014

According to maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt, the department will prepare for the spring season, which includes sports like track and field, baseball and softball. Wyatt said the department is responsible for preparing the scoreboards, PA system and concession stand at the stadium. Air conditioning is ...

Maintenance department to continue preparing for winter sports


November 20, 2013

According to maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt, as the fall sport season winds down, the maintenance department will continue to prepare the building and gymnasiums for the winter season. Wyatt said the department has already switched the volleyball scoreboards to a wrestling configuration. Other changes...

Maintenance department to prepare for winter sports


November 7, 2013

According to maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt, in the upcoming weeks, the maintenance department will start to prepare the building for winter sports, which are typically indoors. Wyatt said the department will install shot clocks behind the basketball backboards in the varsity gymnasium as well as...

Maintenance department sets up for sectional track meet


May 16, 2013

According to maintenance department member Mike Wyatt, the maintenance department is helping CHS maintain the track. The maintenance department makes sure that everything is running well for the March 16th Sectional track meet at CHS. Wyatt said, “We make sure the PA system and scoreboard works. We al...

Maintenance department prepares for spring season

Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt takes the top off of a boiler plug. Wyatt does this in order to clean the inside of the plug for inspection. He also has to clean the chillers to prepare them for use.


March 5, 2013

As the temperature changes, the maintenance department is ready to turn on the air conditioning in CHS. Maintenance department member Mike Wyatt said, “We’re getting ready for air conditioning. We tore apart the air conditioners and cleaned them up for inspection. We passed the inspection, and we are ready to put them together. During...

Maintenance department to change to spring temperature

Maintenance staff Ken Badger completes a work order by fixing and returning a clock. The staff  carry out work orders on a daily basis to keep CHS running smoothly. JOSEPH  LEE / PHOTO


January 21, 2013

  After the large amounts of snow that compiled on the CHS lots over break, the maintenance department is getting ready to switch the temperature of the school.  According to maintenance staff Ken Badger the maintenance department will be implementing the change from “winter mode” to...

Maintenance department sets up CHS holiday spectacular

Choir students rehearse for upcoming winter concert “Holiday Spectacular”. Shows will take place from Dec. 5 to 8. JOSEPH LEE / PHOTO


December 4, 2012

As CHS students get ready for the winter choral concert, “Holiday Spectacular”, the maintenance department is in the back-lines making sure things run smoothly throughout the show. According to maintenance department member, Mike Wyatt, the maintenance department will set up lights, sound, and other relat...

Maintenance department prepares CHS for snow


November 18, 2012

The maintenance department plans to get ready for some days of snow. According to staff member Mike Wyatt, the maintenance department will work alongside the custodial department to salt and shovel CHS in the case of snow. Wyatt said, “If it’s two or more inches, we plow the parking lots and school...