UNICEF to hold officer elections


At its next meeting, the UNICEF is planning to have a sign-up sheet for officer positions for the 2013-2014 school year and is planning second semester’s bake sale.

Club members can sign up for the positions at UNICEF’s next meeting, which is scheduled for the end of November. The positions available to sign up for are president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Secretary and Treasurer this next year will be separate positions. Officer elections are scheduled for December.

“There is a lot that they need to prepare for because it’s actually kind of difficult this year because the presidents, the co-president, of last year didn’t really prepare us, so we’re going to try to tell them as much as we can, how to run thing and how to do the events,” Tiffany Yeh, treasurer and secretary of UNICEF and senior, said. Going into second semester, UNICEF plans a bake sale. “We (need to) continue to increase our membership and our donations for UNICEF,” Jill Noel, UNICEF club sponsor, said. The international fair raised approximately $250.