Transportation Department enacts policies to ensure accuracy


The Transportation Department instituted new guidelines for bus stop assignment changes and alternate pick-up and drop-off locations, according to Ron Farrand, director of facilities and transportation.

“The stop assignment change was made to assure student residency in the school district and individual school attendance boundary,” Farrand said. “We also needed to limit the number of locations that students could be transported to and from in order to reduce the possibility of transporting students to the wrong place, so we put created these forms.”

Senior Jeremy Rolsky said he acknowledges why certain guidelines needed to be changed, but does not think these changes will affect many students.

“I know some other students on my bus would ask the bus driver to change their stop, so I can see how this could eventually become a problem,” Rolsky said. “There’s not too many people doing that, though.”

The full changes to the guidelines can be found online at the Transportation Department’s website.