NHS focuses on Ghost and Goblins 2k/5k and tutoring

Kassi Darnell

During the coming weeks, the National Honor Society (NHS) and the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) will continue to plan and promote the Ghost and Goblins 2k/5k on Oct. 27.

As NHS promotes the 2k/5k, members will compete for the most participants in their promotional areas. One of the main prizes is a grant from CEF.

“There’s actually a competition between the groups of performing arts, like band and orchestra, and whoever gets the highest percentage of kids signed up will get a grant and a pizza party,” NHS president Josh Schumann said. “It’s the same thing with the clubs. For small clubs, and that’s like under 50 people, whichever one has the highest percentage also gets a grant. We’re trying to really encourage participation this year. Sports teams are really competing for a trophy for whoever gets the most participants.

This is CEF’s tenth year of collaborating with NHS for help to promote the 2k/5k. NHS members are split up into different groups to promote to the schools and community. CEF encourages community members to participate because the money earned from the event goes back to the Carmel Clay Schools system.

“National Honor Society ends up being our hands and feet and they’re the ones that go out and really fire up the community as well as the high school to participate and then we offer them two scholarships for their help,” CEF co-executive director Barbara Danquist said.

Schumann said NHS members have been focusing on tutoring along with the promotion of the 2k/5k. Students can go to E111 for tutoring, but the tutoring policy has changed slightly from last year’s.

“In order for a student to come down for tutoring, the pass doesn’t need to be written by Skidmore (NHS sponsor) or their subject teacher that they’re struggling in. It just has to be written by their SRT teacher,” Schumann said. By Kassandra Darnell