Insomnia Cookies Review

Insomnia Cookies is a bakery chain known for its late-night delivery of cookies. This cookie shop is open until 3 a.m. and has a location in Broad Ripple. Insomnia Cookies offers a variety of different cookies including chocolate chunk, M&M, double chocolate chunk, double chocolate mint, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter chip, snickerdoodle, sugar, white chocolate macadamia, and other deluxe cookies. Customers can buy packs of up to 24 cookies as well as choose to turn their cookies into cookie-wishes, which are two cookies of your choice sandwiched together by your choice of either ice cream or icing.

We got three regular cookies: snickerdoodle, chocolate chunk and double chocolate chunk for $1.55 each. The snickerdoodle cookie had a soft inside and we were pleased to find that it wasn’t overly sweet. The chocolate chunk cookie had a good consistency, however, the chocolate wasn’t melty as we expected it to be and it also tasted like the chocolate chunks were semi-sweet. The double chocolate had a delicious, rich chocolate taste with a gooey consistency. We also tried the M&M cookie-wich with vanilla ice cream for $5.70. Although the cookie-wich looked delicious and inviting, the ice cream was a bit bland and the M&M cookies were hard, making it difficult to eat. Insomnia Cookies offers milk and water as beverages, however, when we went they didn’t have any water available which was a bit of an unpleasant surprise.

Overall, if you have a craving for cookies late at night or even any time during the day, Insomnia Cookies is a great place to go with fair prices and a wide array of cookies to choose from. There are only a few seats in the actual shop itself, so you’d probably be better off either buying the cookies to go or having them delivered. With all these factors considered, we would rate Insomnia Cookies a 3.5 out of 5. By Kris Otten and Caitlyn Burns