As new semester starts, theater looks forward to spring productions

Aniket Biswal

After the winter production, students are now looking ahead to spring productions that will take place in March and April. Students are coming back from winter break, where they may have lost some of their skills. Now, students will begin to practice more and more for their upcoming shows, allowing them to regain what they may have lost during winter break.

Maggie Cassidy, the director of the fall plays, says that she is proud of what she has done so far to help these students perform in their best possible way. However, she will not direct the next productions and instead give it to James Peterson who will direct the spring plays.

For now, students will not practice vigorously like they had previously for the fall play, according to Allie Crawford, a member of the acting group. She says that she enjoys the practices that they do have but is relieved that she will not have to work as hard as she did in the previous semester.