DECA members to attend boot camp event on Feb. 16


Sophomore Sarah Ilmudeen uses the DECA website to access the calendar. She said, “Bootcamp is a really great way to improve your projects and roleplay skills before the upcoming competitions.”

Natalie Khamis

DECA members who have qualified for the state-level competition will attend a boot camp event on Feb. 16 at CHS.

Loraine Lee, chief of roleplays and senior, said students who need to complete their 20 DECA points required for the state-level competition or want additional practice should plan to attend the event.

“Boot camp is going to be an opportunity for the kids who want additional practice before going on to the state competition, which will be especially beneficial for those first-year kids who have never experienced the state competition,” Lee said.

Along with the resources DECA has provided students, including a new software adopted by DECA this school year called Competition University, Laura Cardamon, DECA co-sponsor and business teacher, said she is confident that students will do well at both the state and international competition.

“We are excited to see all the results from every competition this school year,” Cardamon said. “The students are preparing well, so we are expecting strong results.” By Natalie Khamis