Comedy Sportz leaders to discuss club expectations in Sept. 20 meeting


Comedy Sportz members participate in circle icebreakers at the beginning of their training session on Sept. 4. Comedy Sportz will have its next meeting on Sept. 20 in P123.

Valliei Chandrakumar

Comedy Sportz members will meet in P123 on Friday, Sept. 20, to discuss meeting dates and content regulations. Before beginning continuous training sessions, leaders will start the year off explaining the morals and expectations of the club. The main focus of these efforts is to emphasize the preparation and discipline behind being a member of the exclusive Comedy Sportz team before fully committing to the year-round matches and gatherings. After discussing core information, leaders will lead the rest of the meeting with engaging icebreakers and games to set a comfortable atmosphere.

James Peterson, Comedy Sportz sponsor and IB Film and Theatre Arts teacher, said that although members are encouraged to find different methods to express themselves and their comedic approaches, they are expected to accept a penalty consequence in the case of content inappropriateness.

“The club is built in the way that shows are clean and for the whole family,” Peterson said.

Comedy Sportz club leader and senior Rex Williams relayed that although the environment is run in a way where all members are encouraged to not be self-conscious, members are reminded to be aware of whether their discourse can be viewed as offensive or malapropos.

“This year’s goals are just to do well, have fun, and win some home matches,” Williams said.