HOSA State Leadership Conference Canceled

Q&A with Viha Bynagari, Carmel HOSA president and senior


Riya Chinni

What specifically was cancelled?

Indiana HOSA’s State Leadership Conference was cancelled. This is the state level competition for HOSA and includes dozens of events ranging from online testing to performance base to oral events.

Why was it cancelled?

It was cancelled due to concerns regarding COVID-19, specifically after Gov. Holcolmb’s ban of non-essential gatherings greater than 250 individuals.

What is it being replaced with, if anything?

Indiana HOSA is replacing SLC with a “virtual conference” in which most events will be determined by online components. These include either online tests or documentation submission to a platform called Tallo.

How has the club been impacted by this?

This impacts the club as we are no longer able to go to Indianapolis and compete at the conference in person April 13-15. Instead, Carmel HOSA will be holding our online testing dates on these days. We were lucky in that Indiana HOSA was flexible to host the competition online and remove the in-person components of each event.

What is the club’s plan going forward?

Going forward, the club hopes that those registered to compete at SLC continue to prepare for their online tests and submissions during e-learning and Spring Break and we wish them the best of luck in their respective events!