CHTV’S live training delayed

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV’s training for live shows has been delayed. The graphics system installation has been delayed due to technical difficulties. CHTV supervisor Brandy Ostojic said that live shows are still scheduled to return at the start of the second semester and that once the engineer finishes his work, staff will be able to begin work training students. “So once he gets it figured out we’d be able to start training,” she said.

Junior Caroline Yuska is a social media director for CHTV who has also been working on a longer format show that will appear on the CHTV youtube channel in mid-December, according to Yuska. The video will be on the Hamilton County Humane Society and be in the style of a documentary.

 “It’s not as connected to CHS, but it’s definitely something that can relate to people here and it’s good to inform people about different things around Carmel that they can check out,” she said.

Yuska’s video is a part of a larger series of long format videos that CHTV will release on its YouTube channel scheduled around mid-December. Other videos will focus on subjects surrounding baking, sports and others.

Ostojic said, “We’re kinda just trying to finish up the semester strong and come back next year.”