Green Action Club to meet and plan for upcoming initiatives on Oct. 25


Ella Lipnik, Green Action Club (GAC) co-leader and junior speaks with CHS students at Homecoming to promote the GAC. The GAC had a booth with trivia questions pertaining to environmentalism and if students answered correctly, they won a prize.

Ryan Zhang

The Green Action Club (GAC) will meet on Oct. 25 in the Large Group Instruction (LGI) room located in Room H121. At this meeting, members will reflect on past initiatives and work on advertising an event called Trick or Trash as well as look toward other goals.

 According to junior Ella Lipnik, GAC co-leader, the club has plans to volunteer at Carmel Parks and Recreations on Oct. 25 and is planning out ways to educate elementary school students. She said club members will also discuss the logistics of implementing composting at CHS cafeterias.

“(Composting) is something that’s really important to us and it was established (at this school). We had a program going on for three years and it stopped last year because we lost funding for it, but we’re really hoping to bring that back,” she said.

According to GAC sponsor Carey Anderson, the club is participating in Trick or Trash, an event aimed to collect Halloween candy wrappers.

“They will take all of our candy wrappers and instead of people throwing them away in the trash can they have a way to recycle them,” she said. “So we are going to promote that around the high school like we did last year. This year, we’re not really doing a competition, it was hoped that people would be more conscious, instead of throwing it away that they would bring it to our place.”

Anderson said the GAC serves as a place for students to share and spread ideas to make changes to the environment around them.

“We still are accepting new members. It’s not as though it’s closed or for any reason to anybody. We just received a couple of emails last week and we hope to (keep) seeing those new members come,” she said.