Counseling Center to start waitlists for next year’s courses


Helena Wang

Counselor Casey Danubio sorts the waitlists for next year’s courses on March 20, 2023, at CHS. Danubio said counselors are calling down students who need to pick a different class.

Helena Wang

The counseling center will soon create waitlists for 2023-2024 school year courses. According to counselor Casey Danubio, counselors are working with administration and department heads to look at next year’s class sizes and closed classes.

Danubio said, “Administration looks at staffing and student requests to identify max numbers for each class offered. Often, more students sign up for courses than can be accommodated, so in those cases, we ask a randomly selected group (of students) to choose something different. If there is no room currently (available), we can add the student’s name to the class waitlist.”

Sophomore Eesha Singh said she is on the waitlist for IB U.S. history.

Singh said, “I am on the waitlist (for IB U.S. history) because I had decided to switch out of AP U.S. history after the deadline of March 1.”

Danubio said, “The waitlists are ordered (by student), and dropped-list students get first priority if a seat opens…Lists of students who need to pick a different course are being called down to do so.”