Greyhound Connections continues visits with New Students.


Taylor Rudin, Greyhound Connections president and senior, outside of Mr. Stuelpe’s room, E219, during SRT. Many Greyhound Connections members meet with their new students during SRT time.

Armaan Goel

Greyhound Connections has been meeting with new students to discuss how they are adapting to the second semester of CHS.

“We’ve had visits in the past couple of weeks just to see how the new students are doing adjusting to the new semester,” Gabi Rivera, Greyhound Connections president and senior, said.

Rivera also mentioned that the clubs plan to perform more visits soon regarding upcoming CHS events.

“We are getting ready to do some more (visits) to let students know more about dance marathon and upcoming school events,” Rivera said. “(The club will)  just continue that visit schedule about once a month to see how students are doing and to see if there is anything else that we can help them with.”

Greyhound Connections sponsor Joe Stuelpe said he defers all club responsibilities to student presidents.

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