Senate to match SRTs with families for Care to Share


Student body president Tim Metken compiles all the SRTs that agreed to participate in Care to Share on an excel sheet. According to Metken, while there were some changes made this year to the annual event, he said he still expects a great turnout.

Heidi Peng

Student body president Tim Metken said Senate is currently organizing Care to Share, an annual gift drive where SRTs sponsor families.

“We have all the responses from teachers, so we’re putting them together. Soon we’ll know what families we’re sponsoring, so we’ll be able to match SRTs to families,” Metken said.

Furthermore, according to Metken, this year, the gift drive has added a gift card option where SRTs can purchase gift cards instead of gifts. However, he said there are some problems Senate needs to troubleshoot.

Metken said, “We’re trying to fill in some gaps because a lot of people signed up for gift cards, but we have some gaps with who’s getting gifts and (we need SRTs to) fill those spots.”

According to Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and social studies teacher, the addition of the gift card option may help alleviate some difficulties seen in past Care to Shares.

She said, “Hopefully because some SRTs can choose the gift card option, we’ll have fewer SRTs that come back and say, ‘Sorry, we weren’t able to purchase the gifts’ because we don’t have any back up resources for that.”

Even with some current obstacles for the gift drive, both Metken and Foutz said they are hopeful for this year’s turnout.

Foutz said, “We’ve made some changes…(but) hopefully it’ll be an improvement (from previous years).” By Heidi Peng.