Short Story class allows for creative thinking


English Teacher Roya Farrow, writes in her planner during SSRT. She said she is excited for what her new Short Story class will become and teach students.

Kate Loper

        With the new and recently added classes to CHS, English Teacher, Roya Farrow’s “Short Story” class has just begun in the 2021 to 2022 school year. This class is a one semester English class that juniors and seniors can take. It focuses on learning the real life topics and scenarios of the stories as well as connecting them to everyday life.
        “My goal is that they start learning how to interpret texts, not to just understand what is going on, but to find out what the author was trying to accomplish, but also as readers, to bring something to the story to analyze through their own lenses.” Farrow said. She hopes that students can connect and relate their everyday experiences to these stories to understand and place a deeper meaning to them.
        Junior Olivia Reynolds, is currently taking this class and says it has changed her view on how stories can be written just in the few short weeks this class has been going on for.
        “It will definitely give me a broader perspective on different ways a story can be written, there isn’t just one way to write a story, you don’t even have to follow a specific format.” Reynolds said. She wanted to take the class due to it teaching about these different formats of writing.
        Farrow said this class is great for those who do not like reading large stories, or just do not enjoy reading in general. In this class instead of focusing on one or two books a semester, they read their way through several short stories.
        “I would recommend taking this course for people who have a lot of different levels and interests.” Farrow says. She believes that this class can be catered to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of English literature. By Kate Loper