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Diving In the Deep

Ben Traylor

February 23, 2017

Filed under SPORTS, Winter Sports, Women's Swimming and Diving

In 1994, the CHS swimming team began accommodating divers to become the Girls’ Swimming and Diving team. Since then, the squad has taken home the State Championship every year, yet divers on the team are not the typical face o...

Women’s basketball team continuing on in Sectionals

Jess Canaley, Sports Reporter

February 2, 2017

Filed under SPORTS

The women's basketball team has been performing at top notch for most of their season with a record of 19-3. Continuing on their road to becoming Sectional champions, the team will head to Hamilton Southeastern High School on Fr...

Track and Field trains through indoor track

Jess Canaley

January 27, 2017

Filed under SPORTS

Nearly every seasonal runner around CHS is most likely aware of the indoor track program and its importance in training and preparing for the regular track season. However, outside of the running community, many are unaware of ...

CHS student Samantha “Sammy” Romero participates in the unique sport of synchronized swimming

Kelly Truax

January 27, 2017

Filed under SPORTS

In 1968, synchronized swimming became recognized as a sport by the International Swimming Federation (FINA). Today, synchronized swimming has spread throughout the world, even to CHS. “It’s super unique. I know in Carmel I...