New Club on the Block: Academic Team, Quiz Bowl Club, starts at CHS



Justin Yu (front), Quiz Bowl club founder, team captain and junior, and prospective members prepare to answer a practice question during the club call-out meeting on Tuesday, March 6. According to Yu, the club hopes to prepare two teams in order to attend one invitational or competition this year.

Carmel High School boasts a variety of academic clubs such as Science Olympiad, Science Bowl and Academic Super Bowl. A new addition to this list is Quiz Bowl club, which hosted its first meeting March 6.

“I noticed our school lacked a Quiz Bowl team and I thought it would be really useful for a lot of the students here, to get together and form one and to compete in the competition,” Justin Yu, Quiz Bowl founder, team captain and junior said. “It would help to show the many talents the school has.”

Yu said the club is still waiting for all its paperwork to be processed by the Activities Office, but it hopes to attend at least one competition or invitational this year.

According to co-sponsor James Hambley, Quiz Bowl is an interdisciplinary competition, which means team captains will have to choose teams based off knowledge in a variety of categories.

Hambley said, “We had a lot of interest so hopefully that’s a good indicator of how many people want to join. I’m excited to see how we’ll decide who should be part of the team, because it’s not just math and science, which I think is a strong suit of many of the people that showed up today. I want them to problem solve how to put a team together that has the best chances at competition.”

Yu said competitions will be buzzer style, with two teams competing to answer a question first. Practices will consist of simulations of the actual competition.

“I’m most excited to see how well we do in competition, obviously, we formed this a little bit late,” Yu said. “I just want to gauge how cohesive the team will work together to see how well we can do against more experienced teams.” As of now, the club plans on meeting on Tuesdays after school in B214.

Hambley said although the club may have started late in the year, it will be a success due to the interest of members.

“It’s a fun and engaging way to engage with all these different topics and sometimes be challenged to study up and explore topics that you might not have typically explored,” Hambley said. “Even if math and science is your strong suit it gives you some incentive to study literature and some of those other fields you don’t typically study.”