New homecoming activities designed to fuel student interest, participation


Principal Tom Harmas converses with students in the hallway during a passing period. He said he’s excited to see all the homecoming changes in action and how the student body reacts to them.

Da-Hyun Hong

This year, student government has many new plans for homecoming week, according to Principal Tom Harmas. Changes such as having the senior football players dance at the pep rally, Kiss Queen changing to Hair Queen, and music playing during the walk to the stadium at the end of school on Friday were all designed to increase student participation throughout this week.

“Last year we challenged Senate and school leadership to do a little bit more and they did which was good—they included more people in the parade and had some stuff going down at the stadium that we haven’t had before, but I think this year they’re taking it to a different level, and I hope our student body will embrace that and have some fun with it because Homecoming’s supposed to be fun,” Harmas said. “You know it’s a controlled chaos week, but Homecoming’s about enjoying the week, doing things we don’t usually do, laughing a lot and just enjoying your experience in high school.”

Another notable change is that club booths will be set up down by the stadium at the same time as the pep rally, giving students the option of watching the trike races and other events or walking around to learn more about CHS clubs.

Harmas said, “Some of the kids really don’t want to see the scooter races and they really may not, but if they can go and check out what clubs have to offer, there still might be some students here who are still trying to find their niche and still trying to find their place. If we can once again put the clubs out there and help them find a passion or an interest, I think it’s well worth it.”

According to student body president Maddie Heath, student government has been working really hard to make this week more fun and exciting.

She said, “There is a lot of stuff that is changing. Overall, we are really pushing for more activities and excitement around (homecoming). We really want to include as many students as possible. I’m really excited.”