Teens with a Choice to conclude year


Sasha Matsuki, Teens with a Choice president and junior, discusses club plans with a friend. She said the club planned to postpone its sexual education talk to next year.

Teens with a Choice club will conclude its year. The club initially planned to have a sexual education talk in early May, but members decided to cancel.

“We’re actually done for this year since the rest of the juniors and I have so much going on,” Sasha Matsuki, club president and junior, said.

Sponsor Chad Andrews said, “The members led a lot of initiatives this year and I’m happy with their work. I know they’ll continue it next year.”

Matsuki said the club still plans to host a sexual education talk next year and continue fundraisers they have started this year.

Matsuki said, “We’re postponing til next year so we’re able to make it better organized and more functional. If we’re going to do it, we should do it well.”