Sowmya Chundi

Sowmya Chundi, Perspectives Editor

Jan 16, 2021
25 years after International Fighting Championship 4, instructors, female martial arts students evaluate female participation in martial arts (Media)
Dec 08, 2020
Graphic Perspective: Family Festivities (Story)
Dec 01, 2020
FCCLA to host holiday party during next meetings on Dec. 3, Dec. 10 (Story)
Nov 21, 2020
With CHS’s large, competitive environment, students assess how pressures foster imposter syndrome (Story)
Nov 11, 2020
FCCLA hosts Pumpkin Roll Fundraiser to raise money for club (Story)
Nov 11, 2020
FCCLA to adapt to COVID-19 regulations, prepare for callout meetings (Story)
Oct 23, 2020
Politicians, students advocate importance of teens in local politics (Media)
Sep 25, 2020
With additional COVID-19 regulations, staff members find themselves working harder during school hours (Media)
Aug 13, 2020
Students assess how family dynamics, roles have changed due to COVID-19 (Media)
Aug 13, 2020
Student body president (SBP) Julia Heath, speaker of the House (SOH) Drew Miller reflect on altered election process, plans for year (Story)
Aug 13, 2020
With rise in social media use from quarantine, students participate in solo, casual photoshoots to express themselves (Media)
Aug 13, 2020
Students, admissions counselors debate the importance of extracurriculars (Media)
Jul 16, 2020
Students, mentors gain opportunities in virtual summer STEM programs during COVID-19 pandemic (Story)
May 21, 2020
COVID-19 encourages socially conscious behavior among students, community (Media)
Mar 25, 2020
Student workers share experiences, tips regarding COVID-19 (Story)
Mar 20, 2020
In light of World Agriculture Day on Tuesday, students in agriculture stress importance of maintaining industry (Media)
Feb 21, 2020
CCPL renovation reflects libraries’ attempt to meet changing needs of students (Media)
Feb 21, 2020
Conflict, confrontation are healthy, allow people to stand up for themselves (Story)
Jan 27, 2020
International Education Day on Jan. 24, highlights differences in worldwide education systems, standardized testing (Story)
Jan 23, 2020
Students should not lie about race on college applications in order to receive advantages (Story)
Nov 15, 2019
With bankruptcy of Forever 21, CHS students shop for clothing sustainably (Story)
Nov 15, 2019
CHS should incorporate International Tolerance Day into Culture of Care for students (Story)
Oct 24, 2019
With Halloween around the corner, practicing Wiccans, Pagan debunk stereotypes around their religions (Media)
Oct 24, 2019
After Indianapolis designated one of most wasteful American cities, Carmel community works to spread awareness, defy stereotype (Story)
Oct 24, 2019
The Right Outfit: Halloween costumes should be cautious toward sensitive subjects but not restricted because of fear of cultural appropriation (Story)
Sep 30, 2019
Homecoming Spirit Days 2019 (Media)
Sep 28, 2019
French 4 students focus more on SEL and immersion in language classes this year (Story)
Sep 20, 2019
Ubiquitously Funny Obsessions: With the invasion of Area 51 memes across all social media, students and teachers analyze possibility of real-life alien invasion (Media)
May 14, 2019
Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee closes up Twitter account as the school year ends (Story)
Apr 24, 2019
National Chinese Honors Society to host induction ceremony for new members today (Story)
Mar 27, 2019
National Chinese Honors Society members host Chinese yo-yo guest performer (Story)
Feb 15, 2019
World Language students perform well in state competition (Story)
Jan 23, 2019
World Language students to participate in state competitions (Story)
Dec 10, 2018
Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee uses Twitter to gain support for Chinese classes (Story)
Nov 13, 2018
National Chinese Honors Society members participate in Single’s Day on Nov. 12 (Story)
Oct 26, 2018
Spanish IV and V students to see musical ‘Man of La Mancha’ Oct. 25 (Story)
Oct 20, 2018
German exchange students to arrive at CHS late October (Story)